Bondiola is made from minced pork, with a mixture similar to the cotechino one. The meat from the pig’s head, the rind and the cheeks are all ground together with other lean parts, then mixed and seasoned with salt, spices and various flavourings.
The mixture is then stuffed into a pig’s bladder.
The shape of the Bondiola is rounded with a diameter of around 10 centimetres, with string that divides the surface into segments.
The Biondiola mixture has a red colour with a medium grain.
Available raw (needing to be soaked for a period and then slowly cooked for 3 hours – it is ideally cooked in a cloth bag attached to a piece of wood, so it does not touch the pan). In the approximate 0.8/0.900 kg format and precooked in the practical vacuum-sealed aluminium packet, it is easy and quick to prepare, but has a flavour that is not to be missedin the approximate 0.7/0.750 kg format.
Ideal when accompanied by classic side dishes of beans, mashed potato or lentils.