Cappello Del Prete



Cappello del Prete is a typical cold cut of Emilia; it owes its name to the cut of meat that has exactly the same name, which is made with the muscle of the lower limbs of the pig.
This particular product has its origins in the Sixteenth century of Upper Emilia, when “bollito”, boiled meat, was eaten with mashed potato during Carnival and Easter.
Indeed, both the cut of meat and the cold cut have a triangular shape that is rounded in the centre, bringing to mind the 3-pointed hats worn by priests. It is locally called “capel dal pret”
Available raw (needing to be soaked for a period and then slowly cooked for 3 hours) in the approximate 0.8/0.900 kg format and precooked in the practical vacuum-sealed aluminium packet, it is easy and quick to prepare, but has a flavour that is not to be missed in the approximate 0.7/0.750 kg format.
Ideal when accompanied by classic side dishes of beans, mashed potato or lentils.