Salame Ventricina Schiacciata Piccante



  • Size 3.00 kg average weight
  • Seasoned with spicy red chilli
  • Coarse ground
  • Natural casing
  • Minimum maturation 30/45 days
All the flavour of Mediterranean tradition is preserved in Ventricina Schiacciata Piccante. With its flattened shape, it is a full-bodied product whose mixture is made with lean pork, minced to a coarse grain, flavoured with aromatic ingredients, such as black pepper, red chilli and the special “droga Calabra”.
Stuffed into a casing, pressed and left to mature for a lengthy time in a protected area, Ventricina is the ideal proposal for those who love intense flavours.
It has a slightly curved shape and is unique for its strong and tantalising flavour.
A coarse-grained salami, seasoned with red chilli, irresistible even for the lesser trained in spiciness as it is spicy just to the right point.
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